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Acknowledgement Of Principal :
In the 12th generation hon’ble Mahatma Basaweshwar has commenced the social works in the nature of structural and activism. The object behind this social work is that development of society, development of religion, enforcement of welfare schemes, promotion of education in mother tohnguelanguage, promotion of scientific attitude, prevention of superstitions facts and development of cast women. With the thinks of Hon’ble Basaweshwar maharaj we have established our trust in 1970.
Education is the valuable process. The education has power to develops the career of society and person. Education means changes in the person in internal and external activities. Education provides the power in the person for thinking, understanding and expressing the words. Also, education provides improvement of meaning power. Education means the development of humanity. The object of an education is that to motive the skills and qualities of the students.
Our college is an one of the famous college in the Marathwada famous college. It has placed in the central area of the city. Our college has gets the new identification in the education. Arts, Sports, Music Programmes and cultural programmes. We provides the hostel facilities to the student who comes from villages which are out of the cities. In the period of 40 years we have created the career those students who have obtained several nominated posts.
Our college is an one of the college where continue the process of teaching and learning jointly of Arts, Commerce, Social Work and B.C.A. education which has granted by the Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University of Nanded District. This college provides the master education in the subjects of History, Social Science, Psychology, Political Science, Geography and Mathematics. Also, our college provides Minimum Competency of Vocational Course (M.C.V.C.).
After the survey of College’s completely successness by U.G.C. (Union Grant Commission) we have obtained ‘B++’ grade by NAAC committee. Our college has achieved great successness in the competent examination of Board Universities, NET, SET and MHT-CET. Also, we have achieved great successness in the Arts, Sports, Cultural youth festival, Entertainment and Music.
Our college has settled in the central area of city with all facilities. We have constructed four new attractive buildings with large playground with all facilities. We provides the facility library and reading-room to the scholar students of our college. Ours reading-room sitting capacity is 250 students.
The time of reading-room is from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 A.M. Also, we provides the facility of Laboratory for the students of science. We have established the ‘RESEARCH CENTRE’ which has authorized by the University of Nanded for the 30 Ph.d. students who has involved in the study of ‘Geography’ and ‘Psychology’ subjects.
Today, we feel the proudness about our college. Because , special departments of N.S.S. and N.C.C. are working in our college. This departments arranges several camps like a blood-donation, eye-hospital, animal hospital and leadership development. For the motive of our students our college arranges the different kinds of programmes like a Group-Discussion, Speech-Programme, Calamitical management Committee, Personal Development Centre, Competitonal Examination Centre and English Spoken Classes.
The student of our college is the central point of our college. We have responsibility is that to complete develop in the student. We are trying to creates the cultural, responsible, complete and imbalance thinking generation through an education media.
Thus, we heartly wel-come to all the students whose ambition is that to makes a bright career in our College.
Mahatma Basweshwar College, Latur.

Body Members :

Sr. No.  Name Designation Photo
1.  Ad. Sambappa Girwalkar  Presidant
2.  Shri Madolappa Utge  Vice-Presidant
3.  Ad. Vijaykumar Shete  Joint Secretary
4.  Shri. Mahadevappa Khanapure  Treasurer
5.  Shri. Ratneshwarappa Kore  Secretary
6.  Shri. S. V. Khanapure  Member
7.  Dr. Sou. Sarojini Girwalkar  Member
8.  Ad. Shri. Shantveer Choudhari  Legal

Official Members

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Shri. Guruling Shete  
2. Shri. Shrikant Kulkarni  
3. Shri. S.S. Wangaskar  
4. Shri. Subhash Galgale  

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